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About Maverick Car Service
Q:  Are you a limo or taxi or uber service?

A:  We get asked this a lot. We are offering something that you cannot get with a taxi or with a limo company. We are not affiliated with Uber. We are an affordable car service. You have our fleet of clean, comfortable vehicles available by reservation. We are proud of the unique value that our accessible, convenient car service provides Denver. Call and see!

Q:  How do I arrange a ride?

A:  Call, e-mail, or click RESERVATION REQUEST when you know when, where you want to be picked-up and where you want to go.  We currently provide an SUV with a capacity of 7 passengers.  If you need an immediate answer or your request is less than 24 hours, its best to call.

Make a reservation well ahead of time and Maverick will have a car waiting at your arranged time. A minimum fare applies. Contact us to reserve your ride.

Q:  Can I reserve a car on an hourly basis?

A:  ​Yes!  This is called chartering a car.  We offer a chartered method of service if you want us on standby at your destination(s) for a period of time.  We can accommodate you. We charge per hour, per car with a one hour minimum. If you need more than one car, be sure and let us know when you make your reservation. Call for more information.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards?

A:  Yes, we accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card. We use the Square App. The driver swipes the card on our smart phone in the car and you have your receipt e-mailed or texted to you in seconds.  Its that simple!

Q:  I prefer to pay cash, but I need a cash receipt for my records.  Do you provide cash receipts?

A:  Yes, and we love you even more for paying with cash!  We will send a cash receipt via e-mail using the Square App.

Q:  How do we find each other at the Denver airport?

A:  It is simple. We do this many times a day and have the routine down.  The driver will call and/or text you upon your arrival with directions.  Those directions are to follow signs to baggage claim either West side or East side, depending on your airline.  After you retrieve your checked bags, or if you don't have checked bags you're out in about twenty minutes instead of about thirty, walk out on the same level as baggage claim, door 506 WEST side or 511 EAST side to the commercial transportation "taxi/limo" section.  Crossover to island two. The driver will let you know the car description.